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Build a culture
with employees at the heart

Measure how employees are feeling, pinpoint problem areas, and get recommendations on how to improve engagement.

Netigate EX makes employee engagement easy in 4 steps:

  1. Send out science-backed pulse surveys to your employees
  2. Gain real-time insights into key metrics to pinpoint problems in each team
  3. Receive recommendations on how to improve engagement
  4. Repeat to track improvements and establish a truly people-centric culture

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Here’s our brand new video with all there’s to know about our new Employee Engagement platform. 

Engagement made easy

How it works

1. Listen to employee voices

Start by simply sending your employees short and inspiring pulse surveys. Don’t worry about creating the right questionnaire. Our tool provides trusted, research-backed survey templates right out of the box.
  • Easy to get started and automate the process
  • Simple and quick for employees to participate
  • High response rate

2. Uncover problem areas

Gain real-time, trusted insights into key employee engagement metrics to easily pinpoint problem areas.

Empower team leaders with an immediate understanding of their team’s challenges, so they can make employee experience a priority.

3. Empower your teams with actions

Understand your teams’ engagement across 8 key drivers—then get personalised recommendations on which metrics to improve and how.

Track how your actions impact your teams’ engagement over time.

4. Repeat for a truly people-centric culture

The work doesn’t stop after your first pulse survey—in fact, that’s when the journey really begins.

Keep up the momentum by sending regular pulse surveys to gather further insights and continue improving your culture based on data.

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Netigate EX empowers your business

Engage your people with Netigate EX

Grow your business with a people-first mindset.
Highlight employee pain points, empower managers to drive
change, and unite your leadership team around employee engagement.

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Employee engagement is a win-win

HR professionals

HR teams gain a short- and long-term view of the state and evolution of employee engagement in their organisation.

They also benefit from actionable recommendations and insights per team.


Employees are given the opportunity to make their voices heard and improve the working environment for everyone.

Engaged employees are happier, more productive, develop faster, and are better able to overcome obstacles.

Team leaders

Team leaders gain insight into the status and opportunities for improvement of employee engagement in their team.

They gain an understanding of the issues that are on the minds of their team members – but often not heard in ‘normal’ meetings


Top management benefits from access to key employee engagement KPIs.

The visibility of problem areas allows them to take strategic action immediately.

Our story

20 years of giving employee voices value

For more than two decades, the Netigate team has been committed to improving the lives of employees everywhere.

Our powerful survey tool has given a voice to hundreds of thousands of workers, enabling them to provide feedback that has helped their organisations thrive. Our dedicated in-house consultants have worked tirelessly to help businesses prioritise employee engagement, ensuring that everyone feels heard and valued.

And each year, we release our highly anticipated Employee Engagement Report, which provides valuable insights into how people are feeling and the challenges they’re facing.

With Netigate EX, we want to take employee engagement to the next level. Our goal is to create a comprehensive employee engagement platform that empowers you to drive real cultural transformation and make a difference where it counts the most. Join us on our mission to build more enriched experiences for employees everywhere.

A trustworthy solution

A safe platform for sensitive data


Employee data is a sensitive asset. That's why Netigate EX complies with all European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules and guarantees anonymity and privacy.

information security

Our company is certified according to ISO 27001, which stands for the highest standards in information security. This means: Your data is SAFE with us.

EU servers

Our servers are located in Europe - in times of unclear data agreements, e.g. with the USA, this is an important decision factor, especially for European companies.

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  • A strong voice in the product development cycle to create a state-of-the-art solution​
  • Free until August 31st, 2023 ​
  • Track and measure how actions impact engagement over time to understand ROI.​​
  • Pinpoint exactly where your challenges are to drive the most impact.​​
  • Easy access to teams to continuously track and act on their challenges.​​
    Real time overview of the state of the employee experience.​​
  • Provide AI recommended actions to empower managers to drive change.​​
  • Low touch automation to gather feedback through pulse surveys.​​

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